Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Fred.  I am the man you are going to follow on his journey from being broke to being financially free!  How are you going to do this, you say?  Well, by saving more than I spend, of course!  It’s easier than it sounds, and I think most people can do it.  However, you must understand, that I am just starting out on this journey.  I am no richer than you are right now.  In fact, I probably make less than most of you!

So, what brought me here to this?  Why am I making a blog?  I am doing it so you read it.  Hopefully you will gain some useful knowledge.  Hopefully I will gain some accountability in my program (something I will be eventually telling you about).  Right now, I am just looking to take a journey that will reveal many things about myself.  Hopefully, you can take this journey with me, and we can both see financial independence together!  It will take work, and there will be pain.  But it only through pain that we can grow.  Hopefully, there will be good times as well.  Maybe we will laugh together, cry together (it’s OK for a manly tear every once in a while), and maybe find more time to be the things we want to be together.

To get started, just go over to the right and find a title you find interesting.  May I recommend that you start at the beginning and work your way forward?  Then you, too, can follow my full journey on the road to financial independence.


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